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Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Dr. Maddox has trained in the field of medical weight loss, a non-surgical solution. We offer a physician directed program that is unavailable to non-physician weight loss programs.

With the Center for Medical Weight Loss, you can shed unwanted weight under the supervision of a physician. The Center provides a clinical approach to shedding pounds with doctor-managed programs tailored to meet individual patient's goals.

An average of 21 pounds can be expected in four weeks.

Every patient receives individualized treatment with one-on-one care that includes nutrition, fitness, medication (when necessary), motivation and counseling in behavior modification and lifestyle change.

Part of a national network of physicians, The Center for Medical Weight Loss helps patients drop body fat to the lowest percentage possible, while maintaining muscle mass.

This safe and healthy method of weight loss helps ensure long-term results.

The physicians at the Center boast a staggering 97% success rate when it comes to maintaining weight loss after two years.

* Average weight loss; equally weighted average for men and women, from a stratified sample of 6 years of patient data on 358 patients studied.

To learn more about The Center for Medical Weight Loss you can visit their website by clicking here.